Listen into Melissa and Bridger’s discussion on shifting the culture around therapists and two interviews on SIP!

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Shifting culture: 

  • We are creating a psychotherapy culture within the therapist community that supports therapists as humans and also reduces burnout within the profession. 
  • Suddenly, we are in grad school and taught the “right way” through a fear-based approach. 
  • Also, most of us were not taught the nuances of the purpose of the rules. Then, we don’t know how to appropriately interpret the rules.
  • This results in a diverse interpretation of the rules, which most of the time results in a fear-based interpretation. 

Somatic Integration and Processing:

  • First, SIP extends further than just a case conceptualization model.
  • SIP re-conceptualizes how to live and exist as a therapist.
  • Locally, our emphasis on intersubjectivity and the way we embody therapeutic work is different. 
  • Check out one of our episodes that focuses on intersubjectivity here 
  • We created strategies to keep us safe from being overwhelmed. 
  • The original strategy involves retreating into objectivity so that our humanity could be shielded and protected. 

What is the cost therapists pay to hide in objectivity?

  • Toxic positivity 
  • The educational experience forces every involved person into an objective role.
  • Lastly, learn to think deeply and feel deeply about everything in the room. 

Dr. Melanie from the UK- Ambassador in UK

  • Dr. Melanie Lee is a Clinical Psychologist trained in CBT, EMDR and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She’s also the clinical director of an organization, Trust Psychology, in Newcastle, England. Check out her page here!

Andrea Bishop- Local Ambassador 

  • Andrea is the senior clinician and supervisor at the Ozark Counseling Center. OCC is able to offer therapeutic services to the community at a very reduced rate. Check out her page here!


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