Listen in to hear Jen and Bridger reflect on the work they’ve been doing to support couples and families in their EMDR journey. Throughout this episode, the hosts incorporate the Cycle of Repression into the conversation. This model of attachment rupture and repair empowers clients to discover safety in connection by understanding how we fall back on learned strategies to avoid threats and seek safety when we feel unseen. Whether it’s doom scrolling, substance use, intimate partner violence, or infidelity, this cycle helps us bring compassionate understanding to our therapy clients. Let’s embrace authenticity and healing together!

Did you know?  After full completion of Beyond Healing Institute’s Somatic Integration and Processing training, each participant can receive 21 NBCC hours.

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Executive Directors: Jennifer and Ryan Savage, Melissa Bentinnedi, Bridger Falkenstien

Hosts: Jennifer Savage, Melissa Benintendi, and Bridger Falkenstien

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