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Listen in to hear Jen, Melissa and Bridger discuss left brain versus right brain interweaving and how it applies to the therapy model Beyond Healing Center practices.

Trauma Processing from the perspective of the right brain vs left brain


Right Brain:

-trauma is disintegrating to our processing system

-right brain is where we process the emotional aspects of the experience

-the right is responsible for the image, emotion, and body sensation

Left Brain:

-Left brain is where we create the story of what happened and puts words to the right brain experience

-Left brain is responsible for the negative and positive cognitions as well as the rating of the SUD and VOC scores

-Master and His Emissary: The divided Brain and the Making of the Western World (Iain McGilcristt)

EMDR Healing from this perspective:

-EMDR increases left/ right integration

-When someone is stuck sometimes that is because they are struggling to make the leap from left to right or right to left

-It is critical that we are monitoring that the processing is happening from a whole brain perspective, not just right or left.

-We will need to utilize interweaves as a tool to ensure that this is happening.

Right Brain Interweaves: 

-Shifting focus to body and emotion

-Ego state work

-Process Interweaves

-Metaphors/ imagery/ symbolism


-Physical touch and movement

Left Brain Interweaves:

-Sharing new information: facts, statistics, psycho-education

-Cognitive reframing

-Shifting the focus to thoughts/ cognitions

-Reboot: returning to the target experience

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