What do we do as EMDR Therapists with new research? How should we protect the fidelity of EMDR while honoring and integrating new discoveries from the relational neurosciences? Listen in to hear Melissa and Bridger’s discussion with Bruce Ecker about the revolutionizing science of Memory Reconsolidation that can help us address symptoms and strategies of those we work with at the root.

Bruce has also work with the Coherence Psychology Institute to offer a 2-hour webinar entitled “Understanding Memory Reconsolidation for Enhanced EMDR Effectiveness”. Here’s an excerpt about the webinar from their website:

“The result of successful EMDR therapy is transformational change.  In this webinar, Bruce Ecker defines the observable, verifiable features of transformational therapeutic change and presents the well-established empirical evidence that the fundamental mechanism of such change is the brain’s innate process of memory reconsolidation.

How EMDR in particular induces the memory reconsolidation process will be mapped out and shown in a video of an EMDR session.  Webinar viewers will understand how memory reconsolidation underlies, rather than challenges, the AIP model of how EMDR works.  That’s why familiarity with the brain’s reconsolidation requirements can guide EMDR practitioners to make target choices and craft cognitive interweaves that successfully produce transformational change with enhanced efficiency and consistency”

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Here are a few links to Bruce’s work:

Book: Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Eliminating Symptoms at Their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation

Article: Memory Reconsolidation and the Crisis of Mechanism in Psychotherapy

Article: How the Science of Memory Reconsolidation Advances the Effectiveness and Unification of Psychotherapy

Article: Understanding Memory Reconsolidation

Article: Memory Reconsolidation Understood and Misunderstood

Did you know?  After full completion of Beyond Healing Institute’s Somatic Integration and Processing training, each participant can receive 21 NBCC hours.

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