Two Handed Interweave:

-Created by Robin Shapiro

Learn the basics of using this versatile processing interweave that allows the client to evaluate the pros and cons of divergent options. We talk through the steps for using the Two Handed Interweave with clients in multiple situations.

EMDR Solutions written by Robin Shapiro is highly recommended

-An interweave can be utilized in the midst of processing or for processing an isolated target.

– The clients anchor one thing in their left hand and one in their right hand, allowing the client to choose what to anchor into which hand.

-Administer BLS, approximately 15 passes.

-While the client is receiving BLS, encourage the clients to shift their focus back and forth between each hand and to just notice.

-After BLS, ask the questions “What differences do you notice between the two?”

-During the exercise, the client may process somatically, emotionally, or cognitively.

-This can be self-administered.

-It is possible for association to traumatic experiences to occur, so prepared to be able to switch into trauma processing or utilize appropriate containment exercises.

-Two handed interweave can be a gentle way to help our clients to increase their awareness and insight.

Non-traditional uses: