Do you feel like you need a refresher on how to use a future template? Did you know that there are different ways to use a future template? In this episode we will explore the many benefits to utilizing a future template with your clients.

There are a few different ways that we can utilize a future template with our clients:

Trauma treatment is circular rather than linear

– We have to be able to meet the client where they are at and adapt the future template in a way that connects with them

– It is called a template because the client is able to run a scenario and work through possible conflicts and barriers. Dreaming is our brain’s natural way of future templating. Dreams are the combining of our frears with our predictions for the future.


1. Utilize future template as a resource 

  • Gives clients a taste of EMDR in a more positive and manageable way
  • This can be utilized to install hope and motivation for clients that are struggling with suicidal ideation or hopelessness 
  • After a client has worked through a future template on an upcoming event, install their ability to manage that situation in their desired way as an adaptive resource.

2. Utilize future template as the third step in the 3 pronged approach

  • Most typical way learned in training 
  • First work through past targets until generalization happens, target the presenting issue, then move forward into a future template
  • Imagine an upcoming situation that would have caused the same distress prior to processing. Then run through that scenario from beginning to end, processing any disturbance that comes up. 3.

3. Utilize future template as a tool for symptom reduction/ symptoms focused

  • Help a client target an upcoming event that is causing them distress in the present 
  • Clients can gain a skill and resource for managing an issue that is highly pressing for them in the present moment

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