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Listen in as we break down and clarify the process of becoming certified in EMDR Therapy. We let you in on the pros and cons of our personal journeys through certification and provide suggestions for you to find success in this process.

Melissa and Jen’s experiences with pursuing Certification

A detailed breakdown of the EMDRIA Certification Requirements: (also found on the EMDRIA website)

Advanced Training resource: EMDRIA on demand

Utilization of refresher course for required advanced training hours

Why is certification worth the time and money?

    • Ongoing support as you implement EMDR into your practice
    • Stronger reputation in the community
    • Marketing yourself as a therapist
    • Gain the knowledge of application with a challenging population, disorder, or case (ex: dissociative identity disorder)
    • Possibility of a higher reimbursement for a certified EMDR therapist
    • Strengthen referrals sources for EMDR therapy
    • Moves you into EMDR therapy as your specialty
    • Equip you to work with more complex cases
    • Develop confidence in the practice

Approaches to Certification:

    • Case consultation: discussed various cases and received guidance, support, and feedback from the consultant on how to best serve your consultant.
    • Certification Program: Follow a more structured approach walking through each phase of the protocol and implementing it with your client. During this program, the consultee is demonstrating their knowledge and strength in each phase.
    • Proficiency demonstration: during this presentation, you provide a video or audio recording to be viewed and evaluated by the consultant.
    • Group consultation
    • Individual consultation

A strong match between the consultant and therapist is important:

    • Find someone that you work well with and can identify with their approach as a therapist
    • Secondly, seek out a group that will compliment and challenge you in the work that you do
    • Lastly, seek a group size that you are comfortable with, not too large, not too small. Recommend group size of 3-4