interview, sarah jarvis

Meet our special guest Sarah Jarvis and listen in as we pick her brain to learn more about her experiences as an EMDR Therapist.

  • Brief Introduction to Sarah Jarvis and her therapeutic practice
  • Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and EMDR Therapy
  • Sarah presents her biggest hurdles in implementing EMDR into her existing practice
  • We examine the challenges moving from basic training into implementing EMDR Therapy
  • Experiencing skepticism about the process when you are newly trained
    • Find your confidence through consultation, certification, advanced training, independent studies, support groups, etc.
  • Techniques for using or refraining from using cognitive interweave
  • Sarah also shares some of her most exciting cases
  • Sarah talks about her biggest challenges implementing EMDR Therapy into her practice
  • Developing Adaptive Information Processing (AIP)
  • We provide several reading recommendations
  • Sarah shares her wisdom/advice for a newly trained therapist
  • If you want to reach Sarah to follow up with anything that she has shared,  you can reach her at: