reprocessing, performance anxiety

Listen in for tips on overcoming performance anxiety as a therapists in an EMDR session.

Our experiences when starting out as a new EMDR therapist. It was exhilarating, yet frightening.

Ways you can begin to overcome your anxiety:

Practice on anyone that will let you but consider the ethics when choosing targets. Practice with people who will provide honest feedback.

In order to help diminish some performance anxiety, consider a trade with another therapist. However, remember to be careful with what targets you choose. If you are practicing on a friend or family member, consider trying EMDR on a situation you are already aware of.

Expose yourself to multiple people receiving EMDR for a better educational experience.

It’s always safe to practice explaining EMDR with anyone who is interested in learning. To do this thoroughly, practice different analogies and find the one’s that suit you best.

Stay devoted to your scripts. Don’t worry about memorizing! Be focused on your client instead of trying to memorize the script.

Get organized – finding a system that works for you in your practice.

We explore the pros and cons of recording what your client says during a reprocessing session. What is worth recording?

The benefits of going digital with our EMDR record keeping.

Install success stories as a personal resource.

Can our negative cognitions as a therapist block our clients progress? How do we overcome this? We have to learn to leave our clients within their window of tolerance even if it’s painful. That’s how real change happens.

The benefits of getting EMDR for ourselves. Talk about buy in!

How to use our own resources during reprocessing session that may trigger us as the therapist.

How do we determine when a client has had enough resourcing and is ready to move into reprocessing?