Notice That

The hosts of Notice That – An EMDR Podcast reflect on how far the show has come and share their intention for the upcoming season.

Notice That: An Origin Story

“Just so you know, I don’t say I’m going to do something and then not do it.” 

  • Long, long ago, Melissa and Jen were strangers working in private practices of their own.
  • During Melissa’s Year of Yes, Jen and Melissa serendipitously ended up on a 10-hour drive to an EMDRIA conference. 
  • Connected through their love of EMDR, standing on soapboxes, and a single mutual friend, they talked the entire trip.
  • Unfortunately, during the conference, Melissa became ill. 
  • If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and just go listen to this story (8:21)
  • On the trip home, Jen and Melissa planned their new podcast, Notice That. 
  • Three months later, they released their first episodes. 
  • Now, we’re 69 episodes in and everything looks different.

Introducing an Additional Host

  • First, Melissa and Bridger cultivated a friendship at Evangel University 
  • They spent every opportunity talking about Polyvagal theory
  • So, when Melissa invited Bridger to interview with Notice That, he excitedly agreed. 
  • After the PVT episode, Bridger never really left.
  • Then, Bridger, Jen, and Ryan trusted Melissa and Bridger became an integral part of the team.
  • Now, Bridger, Melissa, Jen, and Ryan co-own Beyond Healing. 
  • Importantly, Bridger has played a significant role in turning Notice That into the professional product you hear today.

TidBits for the Notice That Nerds

  • Notice That was the only name Jen and Melissa considered
  • The first recordings occurred at Jen sister’s business, Revel Advertising
  • Melissa designed the logo on her Ipad with her fancy brand new Apple Pencil
  • Also, the original intro and outro is Melissa’s father
  • When the podcast hit 100 views, Melissa screenshotted it and sent it to Jen with lots of emojis
  • Finally, Notice That has currently been downloaded 479,598x as of Jan 2022, THANK YOU ALL!

The Year of Rootedness

  • In real-time, you’re witnessing an attempt to integrate a reality that feels so surreal.
  • It’s been a whirlwind of experiences that have brought Melissa, Jen, Bridger, and the whole Beyond Healing team to this current position.
  • The hustle that everyone has witnessed has been all about growing out and up.
  • This year, however, our intention is to deepen our roots.
  • In other words, the new things we’re saying yes to will be to deepen what we’ve already begun.

Here’s to 2022

  • YouTube Channel
    • Excitedly, Beyond Healing Media is releasing a YouTube Channel 
    • The channel will host video of all new Notice That podcast episodes
    • Additionally, Soma Psyche is a new project aimed at demonstrating somatic work with clients
  • Canvas
    • Soon, all our training material will be located on Canvas
    • Canvas will be the platform for the Beyond Healing Community 
    • Importantly, our intention is that this community will provide space to chat, support, and educate each other. 
  • New Segment
    • We’re also introducing a new segment, Fly on the Wall, to Notice That episodes
    • These segments will provide a “fly on the wall” experience for listeners as the hosts discuss specific cases.
    • Importantly, the emphasis will be on the experience of being the therapist in that situation. 
  • Interviews
    • We want to connect!
    • Do you know anyone who would be a good candidate for an interview?
    • Or do you have a topic or population you’d like to talk about?
    • Then, contact us today at
  • We’d love to welcome you to our home in Springfield, MO! 
    • Feeling burnt out? Reach out today about our upcoming immersion retreats for therapists
    • Finally, are you interested in a mixer? Let us know!

Did you know?  After full completion of Beyond Healing Institute’s Somatic Integration and Processing training, each participant can receive 21 NBCC hours. 

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