Case Conceputalization

Melissa, Bridger, & Caleb discuss a case through Somatic Integration & Processing. Interested in case conceptualization? Check out the show notes for more info!

Case Conceptualization through the Somatic Integration and Processing (SIP) lens. 

  • Below you’ll find a loose outline of the case.
  • While you listen, see if you can identify the SIP components.
  • Spend a moment to reflect on how you would conceptualize the case.
  • Interested in case conceptualization consultation?
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“Any change made out of a lack of safety is just going to be a strategy that’s separate from the rest of the person” (21:36).

The Referral 

  • Melissa referred this client to Caleb because she knew:
  • The client would need a tremendous amount of relational safety before any kind of openness was going to occur.
  • Additionally, the client has landmines around strong, pushy personalities and being put on the spot
  • Caleb is a 9 on the enneagram
  • He is comfortable with slow, soft conversation
  • Finally, he’s able to observe from a place of genuine curiosity.

Demographics & Presenting Problem

  • 14-year-old female
  • Selective mutism
  • Quiet, very socially anxious
  • Homeschooled
  • Rarely left home and was reclusive in the house
  • Compulsive Caregiver 

“One of the ways we work really carefully and precisely though SIP is slowing down the work and staying with what’s happening in the body in these really intricate ways. Being with the client and creating that anchor and safety while they feel these new ways of being in their body to create those templates for them so they can reference them.” 

Felt Sense of Home

  • 2nd oldest of 5 children
  • Family is very religious
  • Mother has PTSD and an eating disorder
  • Generally, the home is very high anxiety and high-stress with tremendous relational pressure
  • Mom was very verbally supportive of Caleb’s work with the client
  • Yet, she embodied “sharp” energy for various reasons


  • The sessions were held virtually
  • Caleb curled his body inward, leaned forward looking closely at the screen.
  • He attempted to feel what she was saying while attuning to that very low-frequency energy level. 

“One of the things we focus a lot on in SIP is how to provide profound disconfirming experiences for our clients because they’re constantly being invaded by their previous experience” (16:28). 

Noticing Without Judgement 

  • Caleb noticed vitality affects in the micro-expressions on her face, body, and vocal tone. 
  • He observed without judgment and saw the hope they indicated.
  • And was able to observe this client without a hidden agenda or reproach.
  • Instead, he came from a place of genuine curiosity. 
  • This observation was felt by the client and the relational safety increased.
  • Thus decreasing the need for her strategy of near disappearance 


Did you know?  After full completion of Beyond Healing Institute’s Somatic Integration and Processing training, each participant can receive 21 NBCC hours. 

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