Listen in on another example of a Future Template. Melissa guides Jen through this exercise as she works through her daily life stressors.

Information about Future Template

  • This exercise is a resource to help someone prepare for an event that is coming up.
  • Future Template is a great resource for those who are feeling stressed or anxious.
  • We are not necessarily going back through someone’s history with this exercise, but rather spend time resourcing a client around their future challenges.
  • We hope you find this Future Template demonstration helpful for your practice.

Jen works through daily life stressors and busy schedule

  • In the Future Template demonstration, Jen is the client and Melissa is the therapist.
  • Work is busy and occupies a lot of her time
  • Four kids with covid and homeschooling
  • Life feels insane and she feels a lot of anxiety around how to manage everything.
  • Jen wants to show up present, in the moment, and experience joy in the moment.




Jen uses the Future Template to